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026: Let’s Run With Emily Saldaña-Fitzgerald

We sit and chat with the bubbly and super friendly Emilyanne of the great midwest state of Illinois. An amazing runner who just PR with a 3:44.46 in just her second marathon that took place two weeks ago! And was live! Like an actual live race....outside...with other runners! We break down how she found this race that was just an hour or two away and how the structure/organization and the frigid temperatures that made for a very chilly race!

She opens up about how reoccurring bouts of melanoma left her empty, reclusive and just a whole different person and how running changed her life around and gave her energy and inspiration and motivation. 

Just another awesome interview with another awesome runner 

IG: @emily.running.down.a.dream


5k: 21:38

10k: 46:15

Half Marathon: 1:41:21

Marathon: 3:44:46

Brand Ambassador:

Tanri Outdoors

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