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The concept behind the grind effect originated from long-distance running and the training that comes with it. As Oprah put it, ‘Running is the greatest metaphor in life, because you get out of it what you put into it.”

During a training block, some weeks are easy and some weeks are tough. As the weeks and months go by, distances get longer, start times get earlier, and temperatures get colder. Your mentality will be the difference.

The grind in the running world is that point in the training where your motivation is challenged. Those challenges could be in the form of mental or physical fatigue, lack of focus, weather, or it could just be questioning your ability.

“The Grind Effect” is the success you experience after pushing through the grind.

This same concept can be applied to any aspect in life. For a business owner, the grind never stops. From day-to-day operations, management, marketing, networking, to overseeing employees, your success and the livelihood of you and your team relies on your work ethic. For the head of an organization like a running club, the grind is different but just as important. From creating training programs, recruiting new members, managing coaches, gaining sponsorships, and keeping your members dedicated to their training for six months straight. You can take it even further and put it in terms of family where your grind involves fulfilling and chasing your dreams but not at the expense of family or your faith.  You’ll have your ups and downs no matter the situation, but this is when you grind it out and tough it out. Three different grinds all requiring you to push through in order to have and maintain your success.

The Grind Effect acknowledges the obstacles we all encounter in life but in order to come out on the other side, there will be times where you will have to grind.

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